Reducing the risk of Breast Cancer
To reduce one's risk of breast cancer, consider adopting the below changes to your lifestyle:
  1. Eat Healthy
    Dietary factors may contribute to breast cancer risk. Limit intake of processed and red meats and increase your proportion of fresh fruits and vegetables. Opt for whole grains instead of refined grains.
  2. Cut down on alcoholic beverages
    Excess alcohol intake doubles breast cancer risk in women.
  3. Avoid excessive weight gain
    Being overweight is a risk factor for breast cancer, as well as a host of other cancers and ailments including heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Maintain a healthy BMI (body mass index) especially when entering menopause.
  4. Have an active lifestyle
    Regular exercise at least 5 times a week reduces breast cancer risk - even brisk walking or yoga has its benefits. Try to clock at least 30-45 minutes of exercise each time. Exercise is also a great way to help you cope with stress that can lower your immunity and is more important as one grows older.
  5. Reduce hormone replacement therapy (HRT)
    HRT is given to counter-act menopausal symptoms. However certain preparations of HRT may increase risk of breast cancer after prolonged intake. Check with your doctor and if you do need HRT, avoid treatment durations of more than 5 years.
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