Procedures: Ultrasound guided vacuum assisted excision biopsy (Mammotome ®)
What It Is:
This is an improvement on the core biopsy technique. The needle that is used has a vacuum system incorporated within so it allows larger strips of tissue to be removed from the lump. For small lumps or abnormalities, the entire lump can be removed. It is also highly accurate because it enables histological examination. In addition, because the entire lump is removed, there is no sampling error.
This method is suitable for small lumps that cannot be felt but are detected on ultrasound, and when it is desirable for the entire lesion to be removed.
How It Is Done
This procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and takes about 30-45 minutes to perform. The scar is about 3-4mm in size.
Other Procedures:
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Ultrasound guided vacuum assisted excision biopsy (Mammotome ®)
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