Procedures: Ultrasound guided core biopsy
What It Is:
Core biopsy is a technique which involves sampling small strips of tissue from the breast lump or abnormal area. This type of biopsy allows examination of the abnormal tissue, its architecture and even comparison with surrounding normal tissue. It is more accurate than fine needle aspiration, as it allows histological examination instead of just cytological examination. Core biopsy is suitable for lumps that are significant in size or suspicious for cancer.
For cancer, this type of biopsy allows the differentiation between preinvasive and invasive cancer; it also allows the cancer to be typed and profiled which assists with planning of treatment.
How It Is Done
Core biopsy is done under local anaesthesia and takes about 30 minutes to perform. It leaves behind a small scar just about 2mm in size.
Other Procedures:
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Ultrasound guided core biopsy
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