research interests - publications
Dr Tan Yah Yuen has an active research interest in several fields in general surgery especially breast conditions. She is the author of several research papers in breast cancer surgery. This is a compilation of some of the published works she has been involved in.
Verrucous Haemangioma - Case Report
Ann Acad Med Singapore 1998;27:255-7

A Case Report of Aggressive Fibromatosis with Bone Involvement
Singapore Med J 1999;Vol 40(2):111-112

Melioidosis Splenic Abscess - An unusual presentation as Osteomyelitis of Rib
Ann Acad Med Singapore 2001;30:48-50

Management Delays for Early Gastric Cancer in a Country without Mass Screening (2nd author)
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Management Strategies Based on Incidence and Pattern of Pelvic Fracture Related Organ Injuries
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Needle-guided Open Surgical Biopsy of Non-Palpable Breast Lesions - A 6 Year Review
Asian Journal of Surgery 2001;Vol 24(Supp.2):130

Positive Predictive Value of BI-RADS Categorization in an Asian Population
Asian Journal of Surgery 2004;Vol 27(3):186-91

Ratio of Positive to Total Number of Sentinel Nodes Predicts Nonsentinel Node Status in Breast Cancer Patients
The Breast Journal 2005;Vol 11(4):248-53

The Effect of Sentinel Node Tumour Burden on Non-Sentinel Node Status and Recurrence Rates in Breast Cancer (2nd author)
Annals of Surgical Oncology 2005 Sept; Vol 12(9):705-11

Primary Tumour Characteristics Predict Sentinel Lymph Node Macrometastasis in Breast Cancer
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Predictors of Axillary Lymph Node Metastases in Women with Early Breast Cancer in Singapore (2nd author)
Singapore Med J 2005;46(12):693-7

Selective Use of Adrenal Venous Sampling in the Lateralization of Aldosterone Producing Adenomas
World J Surg 2006;30(5):879-85

Selective Modified Radical Neck Dissection for Papillary Thyroid Cancer - Is Level I, II and V Dissection Always Necessary? (2nd author)
World J Surg 2006;30(5):833-40

Advances in Breast Cancer Surgery
KK Hospital Review 2006;9(2):79-81

Breast Cancer Screening and Biopsy
Practical Obstetrics & Gynaecology Handbook for the General Practitioner, 1st edition, 2006. World Scientific & Imperial College Press.

Does routine consultation of thyroid fine-needle aspiration cytology change surgical management?
J Am Coll Surg 2007;205:8-12

The number of lymphatic channels does not affect metastasis to the sentinel lymph nodes in breast cancer (2nd author)
Journal of Nuclear Medicine (accepted)

Accuracy of frozen section in sentinel lymph node biopsy for breast cancer
Eur J Cancer 2008;6(7)Supp:158

MRSA breast abscesses in postpartum women (3rd author)
Asian J Surg 2009 Jan;32(1):55-8