Q & A: Nipple Itch
Question: I'm 50 years old. A few years ago, I started to feel an itch on one side of my nipple. When I press it, blood would come out occasionally. Recently, the blood has turned into a very light brown liquid, which I will need to press out every few days to stop the itch. Is there anything wrong with me?

Answer: Nipple itch is a non-specific symptom. It is commonly due to eczema or inflammation, for example, periductal mastitis. Periductal mastitis can cause nipple discharge, which may be bloody or brown, though it is more commonly thick or purulent in nature. The brown liquid is likely due to stale blood within the ducts.

However, a bloody nipple discharge may also be a sign of something more ominous such as a growth or cancer involving the duct/s of the breast. Occasionally, breast cancer can manifest as a rash over the nipple and areola region, called Paget's disease, and this may or may not be associated with nipple discharge. You should have a mammogram and ultrasound of the breast and see a breast surgeon for further evaluation.
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Q & A: Nipple Itch
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